A Dream, A Vision, A Humble Beginning...

A “thought-seed” sown in the fertile soil of a rich and creative mind has great potency. The purity, sincerity, love and good intentions of that mind act as nutrients to help that “thought-seed” to germinate, grow and flourish. With love and consistent care that plant will grow in stature. From this mature plant will bloom beautiful flowers to herald the expectant fruit. And fruit, as we all know is for the enjoyment of everyone.

The above analogy serves to illustrate the story of the origin and development of the Merebank Tamil School Society. Its humble beginnings germinated in the loving hearts of a band of community-conscious and dedicated individuals who are the pioneers of this organisation which has seen 75 years of real progress.

Trials and tribulations were there naturally, but the march forward towards their goal was never abandoned because of hurdles. Hurdles were slowly but surely surmounted. There was a remarkable cohesive spirit and a deep sense of loyalty and unity among those early stalwarts. Many of these marvellous pioneers have, sadly, passed on to the beyond. A few are fortunately, still with us. They have served and are serving with not the least bit of diminishing ardour or dedication. This is indeed a unique band of men. The present grand edifice, the MTSS Hall and all its facilities stand as a glowing reflection of the spirit and devotion of all those great personalities who created, nurtured diligently and brought to fruition this esteemed organisation.

But the birth, the teething phase and the process of growing up in themselves make an interesting segment in the whole historic saga of the MTSS. With a tremendous measure of love, loyalty, trust, faith and mutual respect, these early adventurers started out with hope and vision, on behalf of their community. A man’s true worth is measured in terms of the contribution and service he gives to his community. Leadership of a high calibre based on truth and honesty, supported by loyalty, unity and devotion among members provided the energy, strength and thrust to achieve their objectives. Totally unselfish motives and sheer dedication to their ideals governed their efforts. All of them who were able to realise the true value of the cause to their people, responded when the call for financial assistance was made. They all pledged their contributions with altruistic motives, unconcerned about any unforseen or adverse consequences. The initial finance required to build was raised from this band of benefactors on a three-year interest free loan basis. Happily and thanks to providential grace, all loans have been repaid with extreme gratitude to those noble individuals.

And now the Society is in a position to launch out a new phase of cultural and educational development for the community at large. There is no doubt that this possibility augurs well for our people at a most crucial time of our lives. It is hoped with faith that the younger generation of all those noble pioneers and stalwarts who wrote the 75 year history of this great organisation, will loyally and faithfully hold a loft and carry forward into the future, the high ideals and objectives on which Society was founded.